Bike Accident Compensation

Frustrated by inconsiderate drivers, cyclists and motorbike riders who have sustained an injury on Ireland’s roads often ask about Bike Accident Compensation.

It is perfectly natural to ask questions about personal injury compensation when you have been hurt or had your bike destroyed in a traffic accident. The most common questions asked are whether a claim is valid and how much might the victim be entitled to?

Every accident is different of course, so it is not possible to give specific answers without talking to you first. You can call our free help line to tell us what happened or leave your contact details and a bike accident solicitor will call you back.

More than in any other type of personal injury case, cyclists and motorbike riders are often angry. Those who have ridden their bikes on Ireland’s roads agree that many Irish drivers have no respect for those on two wheels. In some cases, even when the biker has been quite badly hurt, his or her motivation for making a claims case is as much a need to send a punitive message to the car driver than any monetary compensation.

In any car-bike collision, the bike rider is far more likely to sustain serious injury or death than the car driver or passengers. The biker has no protective outer chassis to protect his or her fragile human body from impact with the car or with the road surface. Many cyclists say that instead of respecting this vulnerability and giving cyclists a little extra consideration, car drivers are often impatient with them.

It is not only road-hogging car drivers that cause bike accidents, of course. Both bicycles and motorbikes have a tendency to get lost in a driver’s blind spot. This is particularly dangerous when it happens on the lead up to a turn or at traffic lights. Some vehicles, like goods vans, are prone to a larger blind spot and therefore turn up more often in bike related accident statistics.

Bike Accident Compensation Procedure

If you sustained injury and required emergency treatment at the scene or were taken to the hospital your immediate medical concerns would have been dealt with but it is still advisable to make an appointment to see your own doctor. This is even more important if you did not receive any medical attention at the time of the accident.

Some traumatic injuries do not show up at the time and your own doctor is best able to recognise any problems of this nature. His or her medical examination reports, as well as those made on the day of the accident, will be used in preparing your claim.

Similarly, police reports that were made at the scene will be crucial to your compensation case but the Gardai do not attend the scene of every accident. If they did not attend yours, be sure to go to the local station and lodge your own report of the events that led to your injury.

Supporting documentation is important to your claims case because although you may have named the car driver as the Respondent, it is his insurance company lawyers that will be trying to get your claim dismissed or reduced. They will be less able to do that if you are well armed with expert reports from doctors and the police.

Engaging a Solicitor

Bike Accident compensation cases are handled by the Injuries Board of Ireland. If you wanted to, you could submit your compensation claim to them and let them deal with it from start to finish. This would not be the smart thing to do.

The Injuries Board are not there to serve you nor ensure you receive your full entitlement. They exist to reduce legal expenses and the only ones who really benefit from their involvement are the insurance companies who are fighting against your case.

Only 10% of claimants do not seek their own legal representation. Without the support of a solicitor to advise them otherwise, many of them accept settlements that are far too low to compensate them for their pain and suffering.

A claims solicitor will be invaluable in collecting and preparing the supporting documentation for your compensation case. He or she will know the general monetary value placed on injuries of the type you have sustained and will be best able to advise you on whether the Injuries Board assessment is fair.

The first step towards making a bike accident compensation claim is to get your initial questions answered so call the free help line and speak to a solicitor about your case today.

Motorbike Accident Ireland

If you have suffered a motorbike accident in Ireland you may have questions about how to go about making a compensation claim.

The quickest way to get answers is to call our free advice line and talk to a solicitor today. After hearing about your accident, he will be able to tell you if you have a case for compensation and may even be able to give you a broad idea of the level of settlement you can expect to receive.

Facing the Facts

It is unfortunate but true that motorbike riders have one strike against them before their case for compensation is even considered – their mode of transport. The public perception of those who ride motorbikes is that they are reckless thrill-seekers. However unfair that may be, in your case it is a perception that will be beaten to death by the insurance company lawyers that will be opposing your case.

It is essential that you seek experienced legal representation as soon as possible after the accident in order to prepare the strongest possible case.

Medical Treatment

Motorbike riders are recognised by the Road Safety Authority as `Vulnerable Road Users’. In any car-motorbike crash, the motorbike rider is likely to have sustained the most serious injuries. Even the most expensive crash helmet and biking leathers offer little protection when a rider is thrown at speed against a wall or tree.

If you sustained severe injuries it is possible that you were treated at the scene or transferred to hospital. In either case, there will be an ambulance record and/or medical reports from the hospital as well as a report on the incident from the local police.

Even so, you should attend your own doctor as soon after the accident as possible. On the one hand, his report can be used as more supporting documentation but, more importantly, once informed about the accident, he will be on the lookout for symptoms of traumatic injury that do not always show up immediately after impact.

The Gardai report made at the scene is a document that will be crucial to your case; however, in minor incidents they may not attend at all. In this case, you should go to the local Gardai station and make a report which includes as much detail as possible of the circumstances leading to the accident.

Seeking Legal Representation

As all traffic accident compensation cases (with the exception of those involving medical negligence) are handled by the Injuries Board of Ireland you could actually precede without any legal representation at all.

However, the Injuries Board was not set up to ensure that victims receive a fair settlement. It was set up to save costs on medical experts and legal representation – thereby reducing the overall compensation award.

The overwhelming majority of claimants quite wisely do not put their faith in the Injuries Board. Of the 10% who do, many accept settlements far lower than they were actually entitled to. Had they engaged a solicitor, he would have advised them that the assessment was not a fair compensation for their level of pain and suffering and the case would have entered the legal system.

Engaging a solicitor who is experienced in motorbike accidents in Ireland will ensure that your compensation case is dealt with on its own merits and you are not at any disadvantage just because of your chosen mode of transport. Your solicitor will gather all supporting documentation and prepare a powerful presentation, giving you the best chance atof a full and fair settlement.