Can I Claim for Falling Over Rubbish on Supermarket Floor?

Can I claim for falling over rubbish on supermarket floor as I broke my arm in the fall?

Because trips and falls on discarded rubbish in supermarkets are entirely possible, the answer to the question ‘can I claim for following over rubbish on supermarket floor?’ will almost certainly be yes, you can. As you broke your arm in a fall in a public place due to the negligence of a third party who owed you a duty of care – in this case it would likely be the supermarket management – you should be entitled to make a claim for fall on supermarket floor over rubbish compensation.

It is important to note that you must be able to prove that the supermarket was negligent with regards to your personal training. The presence of rubbish on the floor represents a breach in the supermarket’s duty of care, but is must be established through evidence that these circumstances were actually the reason for your injury in order for a claim for falling over supermarket floor rubbish to be successfully resolved.

Once of the best ways to establish negligence is to access CCTV footage of the accident. Most supermarkets have cameras which cover all aisles where data is recorded and stored for a limited period of time. Because of the possible time restrictions – there is the risk that the images recorded of your accident may be recorded over or erased – it is recommended that you engage a solicitor to assist with obtaining the footage, if it exists.

Equally useful are witness statements. It would be extremely beneficial to your fall on supermarket floor over rubbish compensation claim if you had been able to collect the details of any witnesses to the accident. Please bear in mind that if you have not carried out this step, your solicitor will be able to help in completing this, and any other uncompleted procedure – if they answer ‘yes’ to your question of ‘can I claim for falling over rubbish on supermarket floor?’.

If you have not already done so, it would be a good idea to write a report, giving your version of events, in the supermarket’s “Accident Report Book” as this can be used as evidence that the manager has been informed of the accident and to verify that your injuries were sustained in the supermarket and therefore can add substance to in your claim for falling over supermarket floor rubbish.

Even if you have carried out the standard procedures recommended that you complete, you would still be well advised to seek the assistance of an experienced personal injury claims solicitor to ensure that the strongest possible case is prepared by an expert. Once you have discussed the circumstances of your case and your solicitor has given a positive answer to ‘can I claim for falling over rubbish on supermarket floor?’, not only can they assemble evidence on your behalf but he or she can help with filling out the application for assessment to the Injuries Board, making sure that all elements are included.