Car Accident Compensation

Because of the high number of privately owned cars, and the lack of a suitable public transport system in many areas of the country, the likelihood of being involved in a road traffic accident is much higher in Ireland than in many other European countries. Consequently, car accident claims for compensation account for the most common personal injury claims made to the Injuries Board Ireland. Because of this, claims for personal injury car accident compensation need to be thoroughly completed when they are submitted in order to ensure that you receive the maximum amount of car accident compensation you are entitled to.

Procedures after a Road Traffic Accident

Whenever you are involved in a road traffic accident, your first consideration should be for your health and that of any passengers who are travelling with you. In serious accidents, an ambulance and the Gardai should be summoned.

In minor accidents it is less likely that the Gardai will attend, and you should exchange contact and insurance details with the driver of the other vehicle in the accident, making an independent note of their car registration number and using the camera facility on your mobile phone to take photographs of the scene.

Once you have received treatment for any injuries you received in the road traffic accident, the information you have recorded should be reported to the Gardai at the earliest possible opportunity for inclusion in their “Road Traffic Accident Report Book”. You should ensure that you get a copy of the report as this, together with your relevant medical notes, will be used to support your car accident compensation claim.

Making Claims for Car Accident Compensation

Before you make car accident claims for compensation, two criteria have to be fulfilled. Firstly, that you have indeed sustained a personal injury, and secondly, that there was a negligent driver whose lack of care caused those injuries. If you have been unable to get the negligent driver´s details, or were the victim of a hit-and-run, these details can be determined by the use of modern roadside technology.

Car accident compensation claims are initially made to the Injuries Board Ireland for their assessment. As well as claiming car accident compensation for the personal injuries you have suffered, you are also entitled to claim special damages for any out of pocket expenses you have incurred because of your injuries. These could include the cost of seeking medical treatment, alternative transport if your car is out of commission or you are unable to drive, and any loss of earnings you have experienced if you are unable to work.

Everybody is unique, and similar injuries will have different consequences for each individual. Therefore, it is also to your advantage to seek expert help with the application form for car accidents claims – just the first of many reasons why you should use the services of an experienced personal injury claims solicitor when making car accident compensation claims.

Solicitors and Car Accident Claims

Even though car accident claims for compensation are the most common type of personal injury claim received by the Injuries Board Ireland, they can also be the most complicated. As car insurance companies advise their clients never to admit liability in an accident, it is often the case that responsibility is denied in car accident claims for compensation.

In these cases, the Injuries Board Ireland will decline to assess any claims for car accident compensation, and will issue you with an authorisation to pursue your claim through the court system. Even when liability is acknowledged, the insurance company may dispute the amount of car accident compensation assessed by the Injuries Board Ireland, and you will still have to go through litigation in order to receive an adequate settlement.

This is why each time you engage the services of a solicitor in car accident claims for compensation, the strongest case possible is prepared when your application is submitted – a process which is also useful should you be approached by the negligent driver´s insurance company with an inappropriate offer of early settlement for your compensation claim. With a case already prepared, a solicitor will negotiate with the insurance company to assure you of a fair settlement.

Car Accident Claims Summary

Clearly, there are many advantages to using an experienced personal injury claims solicitor when making car accident claims for compensation. If you would like to find out more about how you could benefit from expert advice when you have been injured in a car accident for which you were not to blame, you are invited to call our free car accident claims advice service.

Our service enables you to discuss your claims for car accident compensation with an experienced personal injury claims solicitor, ask any relevant legal questions you may have about your entitlement to claim, and receive some helpful and practical advice. Irrespective of where you are in your car accident compensation claims process, it is never too late to speak with a legal expert if there is something you wish to know.

All calls to our free car accident claims advice service are completely confidential, and no pressure will be put on you to proceed with claims for car accident compensation. Organising car accident compensation claims is not something which should be delayed. Under the Statute of Limitations, you only have two years from your accident in which to make a claim. Therefore, we look forward to hearing from you soon.