Caravan Accident Compensation

How do I cover my legal expenses if I want to pursue a claim for caravan accident compensation? I badly injured my back when unhitching the caravan.

It may be possible for you to claim caravan accident compensation if the injury you sustained is directly related to the negligence of the caravan manufacturer. In this particular instance, negligence would consist of a faulty mechanism in the caravan which led to the accident which occurred when you were unhitching the caravan.

However, if the caravan had been hired, you may make your claim for caravan accident compensation against the owner of the vehicle or the hire company – as long as it can be proven that they were negligent by either providing you with insufficient instructions of how to hitch and unhitch a caravan in a safe manner or by lending out a inadequately maintained vehicle.

It would be in your best interest to contact an experienced personal injury solicitor to discuss the circumstances in which your injury was sustained, before you initiate proceedings for making a caravan accident compensation claim. Most solicitors offer an initial consultation without charge in which to evaluate your case to determine its validity. If you are anxious about covering your legal costs, your solicitor would be able to give you a better idea of the opportunity for success. In the event of a successful claim, it is likely that you would recover all expenses associated with your claim, including medical costs, alternative transport fares and legal expenses.

Additionally, if liability is accepted and an assessment by the Injuries Board is authorised, your solicitor can also apply for interim payments of caravan accident compensation to be made to cover expenses until the case is successfully resolved.

It is recommended that you seek professional assistance from a solicitor at the first possible moment as the earlier you initiate proceedings the greater opportunity there is for obtaining a successful claim; therefore you should not delay in speaking with a solicitor as soon as practically possible.