Claim for Slipping on Luas Train

If it is possible to claim for slipping on a Luas train, how to I go about doing so?

In order to be eligible to claim for slipping on a Luas train, some criteria must be met; you must have sustained an injury when you slipped that warranted medical attention and the injuries you suffered must have been due at least in part to the negligence of a third party. No claim of Luas slip compensation will be possible unless your medical records contain details of your injuries. The majority of personal injury claims must be assessed by the Injuries Board Ireland, but this assessment cannot be completed without a medical evaluation form completed by the doctor who treated your injuries.

Proving negligence for a slip accident on the Luas may prove complicated given the nature of the location where you slipped. A varying number of different passengers embark and alight frequently at each stop and it would be difficult for Luas staff to constantly monitor the Luas carriages for threats to passenger safety. However, if it can be proven through witness testimonies and photographs or CCTV footage that the hazard which caused your Luas slip injury was present for an unacceptable length of time and Luas staff breached their duty of care, you may be able to pursue a claim for compensation.

Given the potential difficulties that may arise in a situation such as yours, you would be well advised to engage the services of an experienced solicitor to assist with your claim for slipping on Luas train. After he or she has confirmed your right to claim, not only will they be in a good position to collate evidence to prove Luas staff negligence, but they will be able to assist in completing your application for assessment to the Injuries Board. It is important that each important element of your claim is sufficiently communicated on this form as any error or omission can result in a potential reduction in amount of compensation for slip accident on the Luas you are eligible for.

Your solicitor would also be able to enter negotiations with the negligent party’s insurance company while the Injuries Board are assessing your claim in an effort to reach an appropriate settlement in the quickest possible time. In the even that no settlement can be reached, and the assessment by the Injuries Board is rejected by one of both parties, your solicitor would be able to represent you in court.

There is the possibility that you will be approached by the Luas Company’s insurers with an early offer of compensation before you even have the opportunity to contemplate claiming for your Luas slip injury. In this instance you would be well advised to refer such an offer to an experienced solicitor who could determine whether it is an accurate representation of your injuries and the impact they have had on your life or if you would be better served by pursuing legal action.

By hiring a solicitor, you can be sure that your case will be thoroughly investigated and professionally prepared. Given the potential for complications in cases such as these, the assistance of an expert solicitor would likely be your best opportunity for recovering the maximum compensation you qualify for in your claim for slipping on Luas train.