Compensation for Allergic Reaction to Beauty Treatment

May I claim compensation for an allergic reaction to a beauty treatment for a painful rash I developed after getting my hair dyed? I have had the same treatment a number of times before with no reaction.

It is possible that you can claim compensation for an allergic reaction to a beauty treatment provided that your hair stylist failed in providing you with a sufficient duty of care. All professional hair stylists know that allergies are unpredictable and that a patch test should be administered at least 48 hours before performing the beauty treatment – even when the stylist and client have worked together before without experiencing problems. By not carrying out a patch test, your stylist acted negligently and is responsible for your injury.

It is advisable that you take two photographs of your injury – one at close range to demonstrate its severity and one from a slight distance to show how visible it is – in order to support your compensation for allergic reaction to beauty treatment claim. You should also visit your GP to have your injury treated professionally which will benefit your health but also so that your injury will be noted in your medical records which could further benefit your claim. Another procedure you should carry out is to return to the hair salon and have your injury noted in the “Accident Report Book” that they are required to maintain on site. Be sure to retain a copy to present to a solicitor who can assess it and use it later as evidence of your accident and subsequent injury.

You would be highly recommended to consult with a solicitor about your potential compensation for allergic reaction to beauty treatment claim at the first practical moment. In the initial consultation that most solicitors offer for free, he or she would be able to examine your Accident Report and medical records and can determine whether or not you have a viable claim. If the salon admits liability and offers you an early compensation settlement, your solicitor could advice on the acceptability of the amount offered, i.e. if it is a satisfactory amount that adequately reflects the pain experienced and the impact the injury has had on your quality of life.