Compensation Claims for Forklift Accidents

A forklift accident compensation claim can arise in two circumstances – firstly, where you are an employee of a company which are uses forklift trucks to load and stack heavy articles, and secondly, if you are a member of the public and the victim of an accident where the forklift truck driver has not seen you. In either circumstance, and provided there is evidence of a lack of care, a forklift accident compensation claim would be made against the owner of the company either under the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005 if you are an employee, or the company owners public liability insurance.

The Health and Safety Executive claim that the main causes of a forklift accidents (and subsequent forklift accident compensation claims) are poor training and a lack of supervision of forklifts in the workplace.

Other causes include faulty vehicles or poorly maintained surfaces on which to operate. This “lack of care” on behalf of the employer can lead to workers and pedestrians getting crushed by forklifts and injured when unsecured loads fall from them, and in these circumstances you are entitled to make a forklift accident compensation claim.

Making a Forklift Accident Compensation Claim

A forklift accident compensation claim is similar to any other personal injury compensation claim, only frequently the injuries sustained in a forklift accident can be far more devastating.

If, for any reason, an ambulance has not been called to the scene of the accident, you should ensure that you visit the accident and emergency department of your local hospital or make an appointment to visit your doctor’s surgery at the earliest possible opportunity. Some injuries in accidents which involve knocks to the head and spine may not be immediately apparent: never make the judgement that there is nothing wrong with you and have a precautionary examination just for your peace of mind.

The entry in your medical records and that in the employer’s Accident Report Book will support your forklift accident compensation claim once you have ensured that your injuries have been appropriately administered to and you have spoken with a solicitor.

An experienced personal injury claims solicitor is the best person to speak with as they have more up-to-date knowledge of the procedures and potential value of a forklift accident compensation claim. Furthermore, if the employer’s insurance company tries to convince you to accept their offer of early settlement, you have a source of information from which you can judge whether the offer made to you is both fair and adequate.

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Our solicitors are very experienced in both work injury claims and personal injury claims, but each case is unique and we would like you to explain the circumstances surrounding your forklift accident and why you believe that the employer is liable for your forklift accident compensation claim.

We will then assess your case, determine whether there are grounds for a forklift accident compensation claim which is worth your while to pursue, inform you how long this may take and, if possible, give you an indication of the general level of compensation you could expect to receive.

You are under no obligation to follow any of the suggestions made to you, and no pressure will be put on you to proceed with a claim for forklift accident compensation if you are unsure. You are welcome to take the information we have given you to discuss with your family and come back to us when you have made your own decision to proceed.

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