Compensation for Hair Ruined by Bleach

I want to claim compensation for hair ruined by bleach because the hairdresser at my salon left the bleach in for too long leaving my hair brittle and dry and in terrible condition. Is this possible?

You should be eligible to claim compensation for hair ruined by bleach provided that it can be proven that your injury was due to the negligence of the beauty salon. Beauty salon owners owe their customers a legal duty of care and this duty of care may have been breached when your hairdresser left the bleach in for too long resulting in your hair being damaged.

A professionally trained or experienced hairdresser should know to administer a patch test on any client’s hair prior to their treatment in order to calculate the adequate length of time to leave a bleaching agent in their hair; because if bleach is left on for too long hair can become damaged. . When the hair is covered in bleach the substance “melanin” – which gives hair its natural colour – is broken down and moisture is removed from the hair. If your hairdresser failed to administer this patch test, they would be deemed responsible for the damage done to your hair as they would have demonstrated negligence towards the care of your hair.

It is important that you return to the hair salon and have your injury recorded in their “Accident Report Book” – and that you keep a copy of the written report – in order to support your compensation for hair ruined by bleach claim. You would be well advised thereafter, to present this report to a solicitor who can assess your claim and determine whether it is worth pursuing.

Most solicitors offer an initial consultation without charge in which they can discuss the circumstances of your accident and subsequent injury regarding your claim for compensation for hair ruined by bleach. In the event that the hairdresser accepts liability and the beauty salon approaches you with an early offer of compensation, your solicitor will be able to recommend whether or not the amount they offer is a sufficient representation of how much compensation you should qualify for.