Compensation for Injury Moving Office Furniture

Can I claim compensation for injury moving office furniture even though manual handling is not in my job description?

It is certainly possible to claim compensation for injury moving office furniture, as long as it can be established and proven that you sustained an injury during the course of your employment, that the injury required medical attention and that it was due to the negligence of a third party. Compensation claims for injuries sustained at work are usually made against the plaintiff’s employer or another party responsible for their well-being, as staff members are owed a legal duty of care to be provided with a safe working environment.

The fact that you do not usually undertake this task will not restrict you from claiming compensation; however, you should take note that no claim for moving office furniture injury can be made if it transpires that you were primarily responsible for the injury sustained when moving the furniture – for example, if your employer had directly instructed you to not move the furniture but you did not take heed.

You may be eligible to recover injured from moving office equipment compensation if it can be proven that your employer did not adhere to Irish health and safety at work legislation and this led to you suffering your injury. A claim may be possible if you were instructed to move furniture that was unacceptably heavy, if appropriate lifting equipment was unavailable or if adequate training was not provided.

Even though moving furniture is not a day-to-day duty of yours, your employer should have made sure that you received the correct health and safety training. Even if staff members are only occasionally called upon to perform manual handling tasks, employers must ensure that any employee required to carry out such tasks has received proper instructions on safe lifting, carrying and moving techniques.

It is important that you complete some procedures before initiating a compensation for injury moving office furniture claim. Your top priority should always be your health and you should have sought the attention of a professional medical practitioner immediately after the injury was sustained. It should be noted that first aid does not count as medical attention, nor does self-administered treatment. The reason for this is that your injury must be documented in your medical records in order for an injured from moving office equipment compensation claim can be pursued. Additionally, you should have reported the accident to your supervisor and had your injury recorded in your employer’s Accident Report Book. This report can serve as proof that the injury was indeed sustained on work premises.

You would be well advised in discussing the circumstances of your claim for moving office furniture injury with an experienced personal injury solicitor. In the initial consultation – which most solicitors offer without charge – your solicitor can assess your claim and determine whether or not it is viable. Once your right to claim is confirmed, your solicitor can launch a thorough investigation, assist in collecting evidence, handle the case in such a way that minimises the risk of conflict that could potentially arise due to the nature of your case, and ensure that you recover compensation for injury moving office furniture in the quickest time possible.