Compensation for Injury Sustained Moving Office Desk

Is it possible for a member of staff who does not usually perform manual tasks to claim compensation for injury sustained moving office desk?

Any employee may be entitled to claim compensation for injury sustained moving office desk – even if manual handling is not part of their job description – as long as the injury was sustained during the course of their employment, that it was serious enough to warrant medical treatment and that it was due to their employer’s negligence.

Lifting and moving any sort of object of any weight – be they computers, boxes, chairs of desks – can be the cause of a manual handling injury to be suffered or for a prevailing injury to deteriorate. If it can be proven that the injury would not have occurred or been exacerbated had it not been for your employer’s failure to fulfil his or her legal duty of care, it may be possible to claim injury from moving desk in office compensation.

Although employers must provide staff members who perform regular manual handling duties as part of their everyday tasks with training on the correct techniques to use; they should ensure that even those employees who only occasionally or seldom perform such tasks also receive proper training. Moving office furniture can result in a serious injury and a lack of training on correct lifting method can justify the initiation of a claim for moving office desk injury compensation.

Stated in one part of the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (General Application) Regulations (2007) is a stipulation that employers are legally obligated to keep manual handling to the bare minimum. Training must be provided to any employee before permissions to move objects on work premises can be given. Therefore, injury from moving desk in office compensation can be claimed if it is proven that the employer neglected to provide their staff with proper training.

It is vital that your compensation for injury sustained moving office desk case is thoroughly investigated by an experienced personal injury solicitor in order for the possibility of success to be realised. Your solicitor would be able to analyse all details of your claim for moving office desk injury to determine whether or not it is worth pursuing in the free initial consultation – which most solicitors offer. Engaging a solicitor will help in increasing the possibility for success, as proving negligence in such cases can be complicated and the legal advice that a solicitor can offer would be invaluable.

Your solicitor could assist in completing any procedures that you may not have been able to carry out, such as the gathering of evidence and the compiling of documents required to be submitted with your application for assessment to the Injuries Board Ireland. He or she would also be able to enter direct negotiations with the negligent party’s legal representatives in an effort to recover satisfactory compensation for injury sustained moving office desk in the swiftest possible manner.