Compensation for Skin Discolouration Following Beauty

Is it possible to claim compensation for skin discoloration following beauty treatment? My ears and hair line were dyed when my hair was being coloured last week and the dye has not faded.

You may be eligible to claim compensation for skin discoloration following beauty treatment if it can be proven that the hairstylist who performed the treatment was negligent, insufficiently skilled or simply administered your treatment poorly. However, because you have waited this long to make the claim, it may be the case that the salon will question the length of time it took you to make the decision and you may even be accused of creating the appearance of negligence.

An additional situation that may arise to complicate your compensation for skin discoloration following beauty treatment claim is the possibility that the beauty salon could offer you a small settlement that may not be an accurate representation of the amount of compensation you should rightly receive. Many factors should be included in a compensation claim and an unsolicited offer may not take each element into account, particularly the embarrassment or distress this skin discolouration could have caused you. How much compensation you are entitled to should include the impact the skin discolouration has had on your quality of life.

Therefore, you would be well advised to discuss all aspects of your compensation for skin discolouration following beauty treatment with an experienced solicitor at the first practical opportunity. Most solicitors offer an initial consultation without charge where they can evaluate your case and establish whether or not you have a viable claim. If the salon has directly approached you with an early offer of compensation, your solicitor would be able to recommend if it is an adequate amount worth accepting.

The earlier you initiate a compensation claim with a solicitor’s assistance, the better opportunity you would have in achieving a successful result. Though waiting for 10 days before pursuing a claim may not disqualify you from being recompensed, the amount of compensation you should qualify for could be reduced.