Compensation for Slipping on Coffee on Office Floor

My employer says I cannot claim compensation for slipping on coffee on office floor for my broken wrist – is he right?

Although claiming compensation for slipping on coffee on office floor is likely to be complicated, it is possible to do so. The difficulty with your claim may arise from the particular liquid you slipped on – office slip injuries are usually sustained due to wet floors left after cleaning or leaking equipment. Determining the length of time the spilt coffee had been present and whether it could have been prevented or removed within a “reasonable” time period is impossible without further information.

It is your employer’s legal responsibility to ensure that the work environment is safe at all times and that hazards are quickly identified and removed before they become a danger that could cause injury to staff. This “duty of care” requires your employer to correctly monitor and ensure cleanliness; this extends to making sure that any spills are immediately mopped up.

Despite the fact that the employee who caused the spillage should have cleaned up after themselves, it is improbable that a small spillage would remain on the floor for long enough for it to be classed as a hazard for which your employer could have taken action, or would be legally expected to rectify under work health and safety regulations.

However, this is not to say that claiming slip injury from coffee on office floor compensation is not feasible, except it is impossible to say for sure whether or not you are entitled to claim for office floor coffee spill slip compensation without knowing the specific details of your case.

There are certain scenarios when a compensation for slipping on coffee on office floor claim would have a higher possibility of success. For instance, if the cleanliness of the staff canteen was poor and the floor was dirty and slippery or if staff frequently left the kitchen in a messy state and no one cleaned up. If any of these situations apply to your case you may have a sound reason for claiming slip injury from coffee on office floor compensation.

Employers have a responsibility to educate their staff on ensuring communal areas are properly maintained and kept clean and tidy. If coffee had been spilled and left by a staff member for somebody else to mop up, your employer could be deemed negligent and responsible for your injury for his or her failure to take action, giving potential grounds for pursuing a claim for office floor coffee spill slip.

You would be strongly recommended to contact an experienced personal injury claims solicitor to discuss the circumstances of your case and to determine your right to claim compensation for slipping on coffee on office floor. Your solicitor would be able to advise you on the appropriate procedures to complete and could ensure that your case is thoroughly investigated and prepared. By engaging a solicitor, you could decrease the risk of possible conflict that may be of a concern for an employee pursuing a claim against their employer and your solicitor could ensure that you recover compensation in the quickest time possible.