Compensation for Tripping Over Wires in Office

Can I claim compensation for tripping over wires in office for my broken ankle injury if I knew the wires were on the ground?

Despite the fact that you were aware of the wires that caused to trip and sustain your injury, you will likely be able to claim compensation for tripping over wires in office against your employer due to his or her negligence. Employers have a legal obligation to provide their employees with a safe working environment and they will be considered to have failed in their “duty of care” as floors should always be free from hazards and obstruction.

It should be noted, however, that the employer’s duty of care is not “absolute” and a claim for trip over office wires may not be justifiable if the wires had only recently appeared, and if it would not have been “reasonable” to expect staff to identify and remove the hazard in the limited length of time. That said, as you mentioned that you knew about the wires being on the ground, it appears that they may have been there for some time, which, if proven, could be grounds for a trip over wires in office compensation claim.

Although employees do have a degree of responsibility for ensuring the workplace is safe and clean, and any knowledge of potential hazards should be reported to the appropriate source, you should be able to claim for a trip over office wires provided that you can prove that your employer was the party responsible for your accident. In order to establish liability, there are a number of procedures that you should complete.

Your first priority should always be your health and you should have sought immediate medical attention following the accident. As a broken ankle is a serious injury it is highly doubtful that you delayed in being examined by a medical practitioner. Aside from benefiting your health, by having your injury treated professionally, your medical records will have been updated and can be used as evidence to support your compensation for tripping over wires in office claim.

If you have not already done so, you should document your accident with a written statement in the office’s Accident Report Book, making sure to retain your own copy. For further support of your trip over wires in office compensation claim, you should collect the details of any witnesses to the accident and, if possible, access any CCTV footage that could aid in establishing how long the wires had been a safety hazard and the efforts made to rectify the problem.

Proving negligence is not a straightforward process when you are recovering from an injury, made even more difficult when the accused party is your employer. You would be well advised to discuss the circumstances of your claim for trip over office wires with an experienced personal injury solicitor who can assess your case to confirm your right to recover compensation for tripping over wires in office and to give a preliminary indication of how much compensation you may receive. Engaging a solicitor is the best way to ensure that the case is handled delicately, with minimum risk of conflict in the swiftest way possible.