Fatal Traffic Accident

Trends in road traffic collisions issued by the Road Safety Authority show that you are less likely to be involved in a fatal traffic accident in Ireland than at any time since records began. However reassuring these statistics may be to a road user, they are of no comfort to a family member or close friend who has lost a loved one in a fatal traffic accident.

A fatal traffic accident can be caused by a number of factors – usually classed as criminal negligence or contributory negligence depending on the manner in which the fatal traffic accident occurred – and immediate relatives (including civil partners) have a right to claim compensation for their loss where negligence can be attributed to a party other than the deceased.

A fatal traffic accident is most frequently (according to RSA statistics) caused by driver error, with almost four out of five fatal traffic accidents resulting from drivers being distracted, tired, under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or having violated a traffic sign. Other contributory factors to a fatal traffic accident may include the condition of the road surface or vehicle equipment failure. All of these elements are investigated by the Garda Síochána following a fatal traffic accident, and their findings are of paramount importance when considering a compensation claim after a fatal traffic accident.

Compensation for a Fatal Traffic Accident

Under the Civil Liability Act of 1961 (and subsequent amendments) compensation for a fatal traffic accident where the fatality was caused by somebody else´s negligence is decided by the Irish courts rather than through the Injuries Board Ireland. A different method of assessing the damages in a fatal traffic accident is used to those applicable for personal injury compensation claims, and relatives of the deceased should not be led astray by insurance companies offering to make a hasty settlement after a fatal traffic accident. Indeed, to get a clearer picture of the procedures following a fatal traffic accident and to ensure you receive a fair and adequate amount of compensation, it is advisable to speak with an independent solicitor who is experienced in helping families through their suffering and dealing with compensation claims.

Compensation claims following a fatal traffic accident are a sensitive issue, and to help you obtain clear and accurate advice about your rights and entitlement, we have established a free advice telephone service which relatives of the victim in a fatal traffic accident are welcome to call. You will be able to speak with an experienced compensation claims solicitor to seek answers to any questions you may have and receive helpful and comforting information. There are no strings attached to using this service and just because we are offering free advice does not mean you are obligated to us to proceed with a claim.

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What You Can Expect to Happen?

Your call to us will be handled directly by an experienced compensation claims solicitor who will ask you to explain the circumstance surrounding the fatal traffic accident and if you are yet aware of the findings of the Gardai (If you are not, it does not mean you should not call us – it just helps to know).

You are welcome to ask any questions you may have as every claim is unique and treated individually. Your questions will help us compile an assessment of your case, enable us to let you know the likelihood of success and the length of time the claim for fatal traffic accident compensation may take.

If other members of your family are involved in the compensation claim following a fatal traffic accident, we can liaise with them, advising them is what is going on and giving them the same helpful advice as we are giving you. In sad circumstances such as these, it may help to have an impartial third party you can depend on.

If you choose to proceed with a claim, we will steer you through all the procedures involved in pursuing compensation for a fatal traffic accident and provide guidance should you be approached by the negligent party´s insurance company with an offer of settlement against your compensation claim.

We feel that we have built up a reputation for caring and sharing when dealing with the aftermath of a fatal accident and, if you like to take advantage of our free advice telephone service, please do not hesitate to give our FreePhone number a call at your earliest convenience.

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