Foot Injury Compensation Claim

Each foot contains 26 bones, 33 joints and 112 ligaments, and it only takes one small injury to any part of your foot to have significant consequences and result in an foot injury compensation claim. Foot injuries can occur during sporting activities, be due to a road traffic accident, happen when you are at work or be caused by a slip, trip or fall. When you have sustained a foot injury through no fault of your own, you should be entitled to make a foot injury compensation claim.

However, before considering foot injury compensation, your first priority is to ensure that your foot injury receives professional medical treatment. When left untreated, bone fractures, sprains and tendon problems can develop into lifelong health issues which could see you crippled and confined to a wheelchair for the rest of your life. No amount of foot injury compensation will atone for a permanent disability that could have been prevented with timely medical intervention.

Even still, when you experience a foot injury it can completely take over your life. Depending on the severity of the foot injury, it can leave you immobile for a couple of days or several weeks, prevent you from driving a car, going to work or performing the most simple daily chores. If your foot injury is due to another person’s negligence, and you are making a foot injury claim for compensation, the effect that your injury has had on your quality of life should be factored into the foot injury compensation claim – and this is something best done with the assistance of a specialised personal injury claims solicitor.

Making a Foot Injury Compensation Claim

Except in cases where your foot injury has been caused by medical negligence (for example, by a chiropodist), claims for foot injury compensation are made to the Injuries Board Ireland. Completing their application form is a far from simple process and includes a requirement that you include copies of your medical notes and any corresponding entry in an “Accident Report Book”. You also have to provide a description of how your injury was sustained and details of who is to blame for your foot injury.

When it comes to claiming special damages for the expenses you have incurred due to your immobility, the relevant section on the form is wholly inadequate for a comprehensive explanation of how your foot injury has affected your life. It is better to accompany the application form with a letter (or attach a word document if applying online) listing the additional expenses you have already incurred and potential loss of earnings and medical costs. Again, this is something best done with the assistance of a solicitor who will know exactly how to phrase the letter to ensure you receive the maximum possible award of foot injury compensation.

There are other areas as well in which a solicitor may be of benefit. Should the negligent party deny responsibility for your injuries, or claim that you contributed to them by your own lack of care, a solicitor will be able to advise you on the best course of action when the Injuries Board Ireland declines to assess your application for foot injury compensation. A solicitor will also be able to intervene on your behalf should an insurance company representing the negligent party make an approach for an early settlement for your foot injury claim. The solicitor will ensure that the amount of foot injury compensation you receive is appropriate for the trauma and inconvenience you have suffered.

Free Foot Injury Claims Advice

If you would like to know more about how a solicitor can be of assistance to you when making a foot injury compensation claim, you are invited to call our free foot injury claim advice service. Our service will enable you to speak directly with an experienced solicitor who will answer any questions you may have regarding a claim for foot injury compensation, and be able to provide you with some practical and helpful advice. There is no obligation to proceed with a foot injury claim once you have spoken with us and all calls to our free foot injury claims service are completely confidential.

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Our solicitors have over 20 years of experience and have dealt with many foot injury claims for compensation in that time. We understand the trauma you have suffered and ongoing inconvenience of a foot injury, and will be courteous as you tell us how your foot injury was sustained and what treatment you have received for it.

We would also like to know about the impact your foot injury has made to your quality of life and to that of your family. We will use this information to determine the strength of your foot injury compensation claim and advise you whether you have a claim for foot injury compensation which is worth your while to pursue.

Whenever possible, we will advise you of the amount of compensation for a foot injury we would expect you to receive and the length of time it may take for your foot injury compensation claim to be processed. In cases which involve medical negligence, we will also advise you how quickly we can organise a medical expert to examine your foot injury.

We generally conclude each initial telephone conversation with a summary of what we have discussed and check to see that we have answered all your questions. Depending on your personal circumstances we will give you a selection of options – none of which you are obligated to act on, but which you might like to take a little time to consider or discuss with family and friends.

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