Hand Injury Compensation Claim

If you injure your hand in an accident, the consequences can make a big difference to your quality of life. Being unable to drive, grip properly or perform regular household duties can be inconvenient, but might also mean that you are unable to work or have to employ additional care to look after young children or elderly relatives. When your hand has been injured in an accident which was somebody else’s fault, these economic factors should be included in a hand injury compensation claim, as well as claiming hand injury compensation for the physical trauma you have suffered.

Even accidents which appear minor at first can lead to potential long term partial disability and a hand injury claim for compensation. For example, if you trip on the footbath, and throw your hands in front of you to cushion your blow, you could over-extend the ligaments at the base of your thumb. As well as making a claim for hand injury compensation if your fall was due to a poorly maintained pathway, the after effects could be a major handicap to getting on with your life.

The thumb is used in more than half the actions performed by your hand, and to have it isolated in a thumb splint for 6 to 8 weeks could be costly. You should not consider the option of ignoring the injury and hoping it will go away. Torn ligaments which fail to mend properly can lead to further complications, ultimately resulting in a loss of sensation in the thumb. This is why it should always be your first priority – however you acquire your hand injury – to seek medical treatment from a doctor before consulting with a solicitor about making a hand injury compensation claim.

Making a Hand Injury Compensation Claim

A claim for hand injury compensation is submitted to the Injuries Board Ireland for their assessment by completing their application form and accompanying the document with a copy of your medical notes. The Injuries Board Ireland will arrange for an independent examination of your injury before assessing you hand injury claim for compensation against the Book of Quantum. This is an excellent way to determine an adequate amount of hand injury compensation for the physical trauma that you have suffered, but makes no allowance for any of the other consequences.

Indeed, the application form to the Injuries Board Ireland gives little guidance about what “special damages” you are entitled to claim and how to claim them. This is why any hand injury compensation claim is always best made with the assistance of an experienced personal injury claims solicitor. He will also provide helpful advice should your hand injury claim be disputed by the negligent party or is rejected by the Injuries Board Ireland because the negligent party claims that you contributed to your injuries by your actions.

Free Hand Injury Claims Advice

If you would like further information about what you are entitled to claim when making a hand injury compensation claim, you are invited to call our free hand injury claims advice service. Our service enables you to discuss your claim for hand injury compensation with an experienced solicitor and receive some practical and impartial advice. We will also be able to provide you with some accurate information in relation to how much hand injury compensation you should expect to receive.

This element of our free hand injury claims advice service will be of particular value to anybody who has been approached by the negligent party’s insurance company with an early offer of settlement for your hand injury compensation claim, and will ensure that you receive a fair amount of hand injury compensation. All calls to our free hand injury claims advice service are completely confidential and there is no obligation to use any of our services once you have spoken with us.

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What You Can Expect When You Call

When you make your initial call to our free hand injury claims advice service, you will find us totally understanding of the pain you will have experienced when you sustained your hand injury and the frustration you may now be experiencing due to your temporary disability.

We will ask you to explain how you came by your hand injury, what treatment you received at the time of your accident and how long your condition is expected to last. We would also like to know if your injury prevents you from performing regular household tasks or working and tell us of any other area of your life in which you are suffering.

We will try wherever possible to establish that you have a claim for hand injury compensation which is worth your while to pursue and advise you what measures are involved to maximise its value and how long we would expect the process to take.

We will also answer as many questions as you have relevant to your hand injury compensation claim and check that you have understood all of our answers. We tend to conclude each initial conversation with a summary of what we have discussed and a list of options for you to consider.

You are under no obligation to act on any of our suggestions, and many of our clients have elected to take a little time to consider our advice or discuss it with family and friends. However, please note that there is a time limit from when you sustained a hand injury in which to make a claim for hand injury compensation.

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