Holiday Accident

The purpose of taking a holiday is to rest and relax but a small number of unfortunate people become involved in an accident while away, requiring them to process a holiday accident compensation claim on their return.

Accidents can occur anywhere but are especially stressful when they happen during a much needed holiday. Such accidents might be the result of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, or be related to falls resulting in fractures, broken limbs or more serious internal injury.

Holiday accident compensation might be required within Ireland yet cover events that occurred outside the country. Expert legal help can unravel a bewildering array of legal documentation that involves contacting police; traffic police; consulate or embassy staff; holiday companies; tour representatives and medical staff overseas.

A holiday accident could involve pursuance of a case for negligence against a third party. The sooner claims are addressed and proceedings commenced, the more likely they are to be successful. As time wears on, witnesses become more elusive; memories are less sharp and it is more likely the event will be put aside by those involved.

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Safeguard your health and holiday accident claim

The golden rule to remember if you think you might have to file a holiday accident compensation claim is to seek medical attention as soon as possible, not only to help ensure you are properly compensated later on but also to safeguard your health.

Remember to obtain and keep safe any medical documentation along with names, addresses and contact details of relevant witnesses.

How expert legal representation helps your holiday accident claim

Engaging the services of a professional legal representative in the early stages can accelerate a claim, saving the unhappy victim a great deal of anxiety.

Our service offers a practical yet professional listening ear provided in a helpful and courteous way, all completely confidential and without obligation.

If you have been the victim of a holiday accident either in Ireland or abroad, remember you stand a better chance of achieving a successful claim for compensation supported by professional representation. All legal matters will be explained in an easy to understand format with no jargon.

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