How Much is my Injury Compensation Claim Worth?

How can I tell how much is my injury compensation claim worth?

You can find out how much is your injury compensation claim worth by submitting your claim for a personal injury to the Injuries Board. Your case will be assessed and personal injury compensation amounts will be calculated on your behalf, in line with the Book of Quantum.

However, if you want to find out how much compensation can be claimed for your injury before you start the legal process of recovering compensation for a personal injury – as well as finding out how you can maximise the probability of recovering your full entitlement to compensation – your best option is to speak with a personal injury solicitor before contacting the Injuries Board. A solicitor will conduct an impartial assessment of your case and you will find out if you are entitled to make a claim, and if so, how much is your injury compensation claim is likely to be worth.

Often accident victims are unaware of how much compensation can be claimed as special damages, and as a result the personal injury compensation amounts that are recovered could be lower when legal advice has not been sought. A solicitor will ensure that all costs and expenses — including future costs if known — are included on your claim form under special damages.

A solicitor will also arrange for your injuries to be thoroughly assessed by specialist doctors. This is important as your claim must be accompanied by a medical assessment form (Claim Form B). If your medical assessment form does not contain details of all aspects of your injuries – including minor injuries such as cuts and bruises — you will not be able to recover your full entitlement to compensation.

Although it is not mandatory to use a personal injury solicitor to prepare and pursue personal injury claims, most plaintiffs in Ireland choose to pursue compensation with professional legal representation. Although your case will not be guaranteed to be successful if you use a solicitor, it will help to ensure that your claim runs smoothly so you can recover any compensation you are entitled to in the shortest possible time frame.

You stand to benefit considerably by seeking legal advice before you proceed with your claim and most personal injury solicitors offer a claim assessment without charge or obligation. We therefore recommend seeking legal advice before you initiate your claim for a personal injury.