Injury Claim for an Accident on the DART

Can I make an injury claim for an accident on the DART. The train stopped suddenly and I fell and broke my nose and chipped a tooth.

If you can establish that you sustained your injuries while travelling on a Dublin Area Rapid Transit train service and you can prove that your injury was caused by negligence of the train company or its staff, you should be entitled to make an injury claim for accident on the DART.

The question which must be answered in order for your claim for compensation for an injury on a train to be successful is whether the train driver acted in a negligent manner. Emergency stops do need to be performed from time to time to prevent more serious accidents from occurring, and the situation which caused the driver to suddenly stop the train may have been unforeseeable. If the accident was unavoidable under the circumstances, it may not be possible for you to recover DART train injury compensation, even though you were injured through no fault of your own.

However, if the train driver needed to make a sudden stop after losing concentration, this would be classed as negligence and a claim would be possible on these grounds. The cause of the accident must be investigated before it is possible to tell if you will be entitled to make DART injury claims for your broken nose and chipped tooth. We recommend speaking with personal injury solicitor about your case. An investigation of the cause of the accident will be conducted and you will be advised if you are entitled to claim compensation for your injuries.

One important step that you should take personally is to report the accident and your injury to Irish Rail. You should contact the customer complaints department to advise them of the incident by telephone, and you should also write a letter to the customer service department advising them of the accident and your injuries. You should include the date and time of the accident, including where you boarded the train to help with the identification of the driver. You should retain a copy of any correspondence you send and receive as this can be used in support of your claim for DART train injury compensation.

If an injury claim for accident on the DART is possible, you will be entitled to recover the cost of dental treatment to repair your chipped tooth in addition to any other costs or expenses that have been incurred due to the accident. In order for an expense to be included in your claim it must be supported by receipts or invoices. If you have any dental work completed you should request an invoice from your dentist so that it can be submitted with your claim. DART injury claims can also include recompense for the pain and suffering caused by your injuries, and you will be advised of the appropriate compensation amounts by your chosen solicitor.