Injury Compensation for Accident on Slippery Office Floor

Can I claim injury compensation for accident on slippery office floor even though I have not had to take any time off work?

There are some criteria you must meet in order to claim injury compensation for accident on slippery office floor; however, it must be stressed that there is no law stating that a compensation claim can only be made if an injury was of such a nature that work leave was necessary. Saying that, it should be noted that in order to pursue a claim for accident on slippery office floor injury compensation the injury sustained must have been severe enough to warrant professional medical treatment. The record of the injury you sustained in your medical history is a pre-requisite before any compensation for slippery office floor accident can be made.

It is worth noting that while informing the Health and Safety Authority (HSA) of your injury is not always necessary, an accident must be reported if you have been injured at work and your injury have prevented you from attending work for more than three days,. Similarly, the HSA should be made aware if you have been able to return to work but have not been able to perform your normal tasks for three or more days because of your injury. However, your eligibility to claim for accident on slippery office floor injury will not be influenced by whether or not your accident has been reported to the HSA.

That said, the simple fact that you have sustained an injury in the workplace does not automatically give you the right to claim injury compensation for accident on slippery office floor. In order to qualify for compensation, it must be established that the accident in which your injury was sustained was caused due to the negligence of a third party – usually the employer in work place accidents – who owed you a legal duty of care.

There are a number of situations for which an employer can be considered negligent. If the floor was slippery and your employer neglected to install non slip flooring, for example, or for lapses in health and safety standards – like wet mopping the floor without erecting warning placards. It can be difficult to establish and then prove employer negligence; therefore it is strongly recommended that you consult an experienced personal injury claims solicitor who can assist you with gathering evidence for your compensation for slippery office floor accident claim.

In an initial consultation – which most solicitors offer without charge – your solicitor can assess your potential claim and determine its viability. Once your right to claim has been confirmed, your solicitor can begin his or her investigation and later, can assist with assembling evidence and communicating all aspects of your claim on the application for assessment to the Injuries Board Ireland. In the instance that you are approached by your employer’s insurance company with an early offer of injury compensation for accident on slippery office floor, your solicitor will be in a good position to recommend whether it represents the full extent of your injury and if it should be accepted. By engaging a solicitor you increase the probability of a successful claim and of recovering your full entitlement to compensation in the swiftest manner possible.