Jaw Injury Claims

Jaw Injury Claims for Compensation

This page provides information about making jaw injury claims for compensation when you have sustained an injury to your jaw in an accident for which you were not wholly to blame. Because there are a large number of scenarios in which jaw accidents can occur – and a wide variety of injuries that can be sustained – it is recommended that, after reading this article, you speak directly with an experienced solicitor to discuss the circumstances of your jaw injury and establish that you have a claim for jaw injury compensation which is worth your while to pursue.

Negligence and Jaw Injury Claims

Although your medical records will show that you have sustained a jaw injury, in order to make jaw injury claims for compensation it has to be proven that somebody else was responsible – by their negligent actions or lack of action – for the accident in which your jaw was injured. That person (or party) could be another road user, an employer, a shopkeeper or the local council if your jaw injury was sustained due to a trip and fall in the street. Provided that the negligent party failed in their responsibility towards your health and safety, and you suffered a jaw injury as a result, you will be eligible to claim jaw injury compensation.

Some people believe that if they were partly responsible for an accident in which they sustained a jaw injury, they will not be able to make jaw injury claims. But, for example, if you were in a traffic accident caused by somebody else, and your jaw was injured when it hit the steering column because you were not wearing a seat belt, you would still be entitled to jaw injury compensation – only how much compensation for a jaw injury you received would be reduced to reflect your own lack of care.

Jaw Injury Claims and the Injuries Board

Irrespective of how straightforward or complicated your claim for jaw injury compensation is, you should always submit an application for assessment to the Injuries Board Ireland. A significant number of jaw injury claims will be settled by negotiation long before the Injuries Board Ireland assesses your claim but, if the person responsible for your jaw injury denies their liability or their insurance company disputes how much compensation for a jaw injury you are claiming, you have to get an Authorisation from the Injuries Board Ireland before you can pursue your claim for jaw injury compensation in court.

The assessment forms for the Injuries Board Ireland (either online or the hard copy) are easy to complete if you have sustained a minor jaw injury which has made no difference to your quality of life, not stopped you from working and needs no further medical attention. Unfortunately, many jaw injuries are far more serious and, as the assessment form to the Injuries Board Ireland provides minimal opportunity to explain the full consequences of your accident and injury, it makes sense to have the form completed on your behalf by a solicitor who has experience in completing and submitting assessment forms to the Injuries Board in Ireland.

Jaw Injury Compensation Settlements

Jaw injury compensation claims are settled in one of four different ways – by the claimant accepting an offer of jaw injury compensation directly from the negligent party´s insurance company, by assessment from the Injuries Board Ireland, by negotiation between your solicitor and the negligent party´s insurance company and by court action.

Offers of compensation can leave you undercompensated if the jaw injury compensation you accept is inadequate for to pay for medical treatment or support your family while you are unable to work. Similarly, if you submit your application to the Injuries Board Ireland without the assistance of an experienced solicitor, you are likely to be unaware of whether their assessment constitutes a fair and accurate settlement of your jaw injury compensation claim.

By using the services of an experienced solicitor, you will be able to ensure that you are receiving the maximum possible jaw injury compensation settlement based on the nature and severity of your injury, the consequences that the jaw injury has made to your quality of life and all the out-of-pocket expenses that you are entitled to receive. Even if your claim for jaw injury compensation has to be resolved in court, there will be a professional with the experience of handling such events to take care of the procedures that need to be completed in order for you to get a fair settlement of jaw injury compensation while you recover from your injury.

Free Legal Advice about Jaw Injury Claims

If you have sustained a jaw injury in an accident for which you were not wholly to blame, you are invited to call our Solicitors Advisory Panel and discuss your claim for jaw injury compensation directly with an experienced solicitor. All calls to our Solicitors Advisory Panel are free of charge and our solicitors will help determine whether you have a jaw injury compensation claim which is worth your while to pursue, after which you will be under no obligation to claim compensation for a jaw injury using our service. Our service is available to everybody with an interest in making jaw injury claims for compensation – no matter what stage you have reached in the claims process.