Knee Bursitis Compensation

I would like to know about who is eligible for knee bursitis compensation. I developed the condition through my work as a carpet fitter and never used any protective equipment.

Claims for knee bursitis compensation are usually made by carpet fitters against their employer when their condition can be shown to have developed as a direct result of their employer’s negligence. Employers owe their staff a legal duty of care to provide a safe working environment without an excessive risk of injury. Your employer, therefore, should have provided you with the appropriate protective equipment, such as knee pads. It must be established that you developed knee bursitis because your employer neglected to supply you with knee pads or failed to correctly instruct you on how to perform your tasks safely, in order to make a compensation claim for the condition.
Knee bursitis is considered a receptive strain injury which is caused by recurrent and protracted kneeling and is usually contracted over a significant length of time. As laying carpet is a task which calls for the tradesperson to spend long periods of the working day on their knees, knee bursitis is one of the most common health complaints with carpet fitters.

Knee bursitis is an occupational risk for carpet fitters, and the condition is avoidable, so claims for knee bursitis compensation are indeed possible. Your employer should have known of the risks associated with your occupation and should have ensured that his or her employees were well informed about the condition in order to taken preventative action. Your employer has a legal responsibility to take steps to reduce the threat of knee bursitis to the minimum practical level and a failure to do so will be deemed as negligence, therefore opening the opportunity to make a compensation claim for knee bursitis.

For confirmation that you are entitled to make a claim for knee bursitis compensation, you should speak with a personal injury compensation solicitor at the first practical opportunity. Your solicitor can assess your case to determine whether you have a viable claim and can help you in preparing your case to assist in increasing the opportunity to recover compensation for your condition.