Knee Injury Compensation Claim

You might be surprised to learn that most knee injury compensation claims are not brought for children and young people participating in sports, but through road traffic accidents (particularly motor cycle accidents), falls from a construction site or trips due to an uneven road surface. In fact the older one becomes, the more severe the injury tends to be, with the possible loss of mobility or independence and the psychological trauma that accompanies these disabilities.

Because of the potential of long term health issues, it is important that adequate medical advice is sought as soon as possible after the knee injury is sustained. Only once a full diagnosis is made and treatment administered should you consider enquiring about a knee injury compensation claim. If the circumstances surrounding your knee injury where not entirely your fault, there may be just cause to pursue a knee injury claim.

Making Your Knee Injury Compensation Claim

Although it is important that any financial retribution is made quickly and fully, you should not be hasty in accepting any first offer of settlement. Frequently, victims of a knee injury may have lost the immediate opportunity to work and, although the short-term cash injection is re-assuring, the long term consequences of your knee injury may be far more draining on your resources. Therefore, it is recommended that you speak with a solicitor experienced in knee injury compensation claims at the earliest chance.

As a company, it is far more beneficial to us to have the full details of your knee injury as early as possible in order that we may acquire witness statements and make a thorough investigation to ascertain liability for your knee accident. The best course of action for you to take, after discharge from a medical centre or hospital, is to call our free advice telephone number and speak in complete confidence with one of our solicitors experienced in knee injury claims.

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What You Can Expect:

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  • 100% An accurate assessment of your claim
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