Medical Negligence Law in Ireland

Medical negligence law in Ireland is highly complex, and how medical negligence law is applied to an individual medical negligence case can be even more complicated. It is why it is of vital importance to consult a specialist medical negligence solicitor for legal advice if an injury has been sustained due to the actions or omissions of a medical professional.

Medical negligence law in Ireland allows victims of medical negligence to make a claim for personal injury compensation if they have sustained an injury, had an existing condition deteriorate, or have otherwise been harmed — either physically or psychologically — due to the actions of a medical professional. Medical negligence law covers not only doctors and surgeons, but also nurses, dentist, physiotherapists and psychiatrists, and a wide range of other medical professionals.

Medical Negligence Law and Compensation Claims in Ireland

According to medical negligence law in Ireland, claims for compensation can be made if a patient has been injured or has suffered harm due to the actions of a medical professional, provided that there was a duty of care to the patient, and this duty of care was breached. A personal injury must have been sustained, and this must have been avoidable had an alternative course of action been taken. Medical negligence law requires a claimant to be able to prove — with the help of medical experts — that a medical professional has failed in a duty of care to the patient, that a competent medical professional of similar status would not have made the same mistakes, and that a patient would have therefore avoided coming harm.

How Medical Negligence Law Restricts the Claim Period

In Ireland, under medical negligence law, the time period for making a claim for compensation is dictated by the Statute of Limitations. This places a strict time limit on making a claim for compensation which is usually two years from the ‘Date of Knowledge’ of an injury. Medical negligence law on limitation can be complex, and how it is applied to a particular case is best discussed with a specialist medical negligence solicitor. Since medical negligence cases can take some time to prepare, it is important that a medical negligence solicitor is consulted as soon as possible after medical negligence is suspected. If a claim for medical negligence compensation cannot be filed within the correct legal time frame, it is likely to be time barred and will not result in any award of compensation.

Free Advice on Medical Negligence Law in Ireland

Medical negligence law is one of the most complicated areas of personal injury law in Ireland and, if you believe that you have suffered ill health or have sustained an injury due to the actions of a medical professional, you need to get the best possible legal advice about making a claim for compensation.

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