Medical Negligence Settlement Advice

A medical negligence settlement is often possible in Ireland without a medical negligence victim having to pursue compensation through the Irish court system. In fact, the majority of claims for medical negligence compensation result in a medical negligence settlement being reached between the solicitor for the claimant and the insurance company of the respondent.

Although litigation may be required when an acceptable medical negligence settlement cannot be reached with an insurer, or when liability is denied by a respondent, in most cases a medical negligence settlement for compensation is in the best interests of all parties, and court litigation can be avoided.

Value of a Medical Negligence Settlement in Ireland

Although the full entitlement to compensation can be pursued with litigation through the Irish courts, any out of court medical negligence settlement will require some negotiation from both parties. An insurance company will attempt to pay out the minimum possible medical negligence settlement, so using a medical negligence solicitor who is aware of the tactics used by insurance companies to reduce a medical negligence settlement will help to ensure that a fair award of compensation is paid.

When a medical negligence solicitor assesses a claim, all aspects of the injury will be taken into consideration to ensure that a claim is made for the maximum entitlement to compensation. Evidence will be collected and the best medical experts used to prepare the strongest possible claim, to ensure that a fair medical negligence settlement can be reached with an insurer.

Assessment of a Medical Negligence Settlement Offer

There is an increasing trend for insurance companies to attempt to get a claimant to accept an early medical negligence settlement, which may even be offered before the full extent of injuries are known or before legal advice has been sought. This is termed third party capture and if a claimant can be convinced to accept a medical negligence settlement early in the claims process, or before all aspects of an injury have been assessed, it will undoubtedly result in a lower medical negligence settlement being paid.

If you have been contacted directly by an insurance company with an offer of a medical negligence settlement, it is in your best interests to seek the advice of a specialist medical negligence solicitor before making the decision to accept a medical negligence settlement. After a full assessment of the offer of a medical negligence settlement, the offer may prove to be grossly inadequate and may not even cover a fraction of the costs what are likely to be incurred during a lifetime of medical care for the injuries sustained due to medical negligence.

Once a medical negligence settlement is accepted, there can be no further increase in the compensation award, no matter what medical complications come to light in the months and years to come. It is therefore essential that a medical negligence settlement is not accepted without first receiving an assessment from a medical negligence compensation solicitor.

Free Legal Advice on Medical Negligence Claims

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