Multiple Car Accident Compensation

I was involved in a pile-up on a busy road and badly injured and I want to claim for multiple car accident compensation. However, I am not certain who should be held accountable. Can you enlighten me?

Who is liable for your multiple car accident compensation claim will depend on the accident’s circumstances. There are many situations in which a pile-up can happen and your compensation claim may be made against only one party, or a number of different parties. You would be well advised in seeking the assistance of an experienced legal professional when attempting to pursue a complex case such as this.

Assuming there are no extenuating circumstances relating to the principle vehicle responsible for the pile-up, such as his or her slowing down to avoid hitting a stray animal – in which some responsibility must lie with the owner of the animal – the driver of the principle vehicle is often the liable party in multiple car accident compensation claims. In another instance, if the car that collided into you neglected to allow adequate braking distance, the driver of that particular vehicle may also hold partial blame for the accident and can be named as a negligent party in your claim.

In most multiple car accident compensation claims, witnesses will usually attest to what happened. Your solicitor will depend on this witness information along with the Gardai report, photographs of the accident scene and – most importantly – your medical report when compiling evidence to support your claim.

After discussing the accident and your injuries with an experienced solicitor, he or she will be able to give a preliminary indication of the amount of multiple car accident compensation you should qualify for. If the case may be that multiple parties have been deemed responsible according to the evidence compiled, your overall compensation settlement will be paid on a percentage basis by each responsible party which will be decided by the degree of responsibility they each agree too.