Compensation Agreed for Child Injured in Baseball Game

A child who suffered permanent brain damage as a result of an injury sustained while playing baseball has been awarded 14.5 million dollars in compensation in an out of court settlement.

 Steven Domalewski was twelve years old when the accident occurred in 2006; he was hit in the chest so hard with a baseball that he suffered a cardiac arrest. He was successfully revived but sustained severe brain damage after his brain was starved of oxygen.

His family initiated a compensation claim on his behalf alleging that the metal baseball bat used to strike the ball that caused his injury should not have been allowed in a children’s game. Little League Baseball denied liability for the injury arguing that the baseball bat was safe to use.

However solicitors for the family argued that when Little League Baseball reduced the strength of the metal bats to bring them in line with the wooden bats used in games, there was an eighty per cent reduction in pitcher injuries.

The case was due to begin at the State Superior Court in Passaic County when it was announced that compensation had been agreed between the two parties.