Compensation Awarded for Stairs Accident

A maintenance officer has had a personal injury claim awarded for a stairs accident after the injuries he sustained forced him into early retirement.

The unnamed 61-year-old from Wakefield in West Yorkshire injured his back when he fell down stairs at West Yorkshire Police Headquarters in November 2008.

 As a result of the injuries he sustained the victim was unable to lift without feeling pain. The judge found in favour of the victim and awarded the claimant £17,000 in injury compensation for a stairs accident.

Compensation Claims Against MoD Cost £17 Million

A Freedom of Information Act request has provided figures that show compensation claims against the MoD (Ministry of Defence) cost £17 million during 2012.

Out of the 137 accidents reported, slips and trips on Ministry of Defence property and injuries sustained in MoD kitchens were the most common compensation claims against MoD.

Overall the amount of compensation paid by the Ministry of Defence in 2012 was an 8 per cent increase on 2011.


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