Accidents on Ships

Ships are the undisputed kings of the ocean. Constructed at such massive dimensions, they can haul tons of people and equipment across different ends of the seas. Also, they possess a marvelous amount of technology and engineering expertise. But even though these gigantic machines are constructed with nothing less than the best stuff, they can still be prone to accidents. Here are just some of the most common types of accidents on ships.

1. Capsizing- While small boats such as the dinghy and the yacht can be righted even after being capsized to a huge degree, larger sea craft such as ships is not constructed that way. In fact, certain ships only have a certain capsizing angle before it is tilted to a point of no return. When a ship gets capsized beyond this particular angle, the boat would simply lie on its side and sink. There are different reasons why these ships capsize, but the biggest cause (both literally and figuratively) is encountering massive waves.

2. Grounding- This is an accident where the ship’s bottom (particularly its hull) makes contact with a shallow portion of the seabed. Depending on the angle of the hit, the speed of the ship, and the roughness/sharpness of the ground, the damage on a ship’s hull may vary. If the hit sustained is significant enough, the ship will start taking in water and can sink unless something drastic is done. This often happens when the ship crew goes into the docks or the coast the wrong way.

3. Cargo shift- This classification of accidents on ships is a major concern for those operating cargo ships. But the fact is this can also happen in other ships. This happens if the cargo is stowed into the ship in uneven function. If the weight of the ship’s cargo is unbalanced towards one side, the logic is the ship’s balance is shifted towards the heavier side, causing it to tilt and even capsize. This can also happen if the cargo is not secured properly, causing it to get swung towards one of the boat’s sides.

4. Fires- A fire on the ship can take place because of different reasons. It can be caused by mechanical failure. It is also commonly caused by failure in the ship’s auxiliary systems such as the electrical system. It can also be caused by the ignition of explosive material such as fuel and gunpowder. If a fire goes out of control in the middle of the sea, huge casualties is almost always a guarantee.

5. Collisions- The boat making contact to foreign objects at sea is a very common reason for a lot of accidents and wrecks. A ship can make contact with other ships or boats due to reasons such as lack of communication, lack of monitoring technology, or sheer lack of attention by the captain and his/her crew. It’s also possible for these ships to make contact with floating objects such as icebergs, beacons, and oil rigs. Depending on how the collision takes place, these accidents on ships can get ugly in a hurry.

HSE Complaints Rise by a Quarter

HSE complaints have risen by more than a quarter in the past year according to figures published by the Health Service Executive (HSE).

6,613 complaints in total were registered during 2012 by the HSE, of which 3,049 dealt with the treatment patients received during the year – a rise of 27 percent over the 2,388 received in 2011 in the same category.

The total number of complaints about the HSE included 805 about unnecessary delays in treatment and time on waiting lists for medical attention, and more than 600 were made in connection with the attitude of hospital staff and their reluctance to communicate with patients.

Further increases were recorded in the number of complaints about clinical judgement (up almost 37 percent) while others were made in connection with  to nursing homes, infection control, cancellation of appointments and hospital beds, rooms and food.

Possibly due to the major increase in the number of complaints about patients´ treatment, only a total of 69 percent of the number of complaints was dealt with within the thirty day limit promised by the HSE, and the highest number of complaints (2,089) originated from the HSE South region.

Note about HSE Complaints

Not all HSE complaints in Ireland develop into compensation claims, but the procedure has to be completed within 12 months of receiving sub-standard care if you wish to claim health service complaints compensation for a loss, an injury or the avoidable deterioration of an existing condition or illness due to the negligence of a medical practitioner.

The specific nature of your injury – and whether you were a public or private patient when you were in receipt of it – will determine how and where the complaint should be made and, to avoid possible contradictions when you later make a claim for compensation, you complaint should always be made after seeking legal advice from an experienced negligence solicitor.

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Accidents in Bars

Bars, also known as night clubs, are dangerous for numerous reasons. Primarily, bars are not well illuminated, so you may stumble anywhere and be harmed. Beer bottles could be dropped causing broken, sharp glass or spillage on dance floors and walkways. There are also bars that are not well maintained with cluttered cables from vending machines, loose carpets or unsafe floorings. Also, most people are intoxicated from alcohol, so they can easily infuriate with the slightest trigger. These things could be dangerous to your safety, since anyone can suffer injuries from accidents or criminal assaults.

It is proven that the food and beverage sector, of which bars are included have 25% more occurrence of accidents for trips, falls and slips compared to other kinds of injuries. These accidents may usually result in dislocated bones, fractures and injuries to the head. Most of these injuries are caused by wet walkways, which could be prevented if the bar owners implement proper safety measures.

The best way to avoid any kind of bar accident is to totally avoid visiting them. However, if you want to have fun, do it safely, Be sure that the bar you want to visit has preventive measures to avoid any kind of accident.

However, if still you had met some kind of accident in bars, you must claim for compensation, particularly if you are not in fault. If you have been injured as a result of bar accident, you can still claim for personal injury. You have a good chance to win your claim if you can prove that the condition of bar premises was the main reason of the accident such as wet walkways without any clear sign, broken glasses on the floor, insufficient safety measures and many more.

You can also claim compensation since a bar is a public place. Similar to any kind of establishment that is open for the public, the bar owner has the responsibility to ensure the safety of their visitors. This means that they must perform necessary actions to protect their patrons from any injury. That is why many bars in Ireland are recommended to purchase public liability insurance.


A bar is at fault for a slip accident if the bar owner failed to:


  • Employ enough staff so spills, broken glasses could be responded instantly
  • Install safety floor coverings, particularly if the floor is in poor condition
  • Install adequate lighting fixtures on stairs or other areas posing safety risks
  • Act upon cluttered obstacles such as electric cables
  • Replace old furniture that can cause injury to visitors
  • Install protective edges on stairs and danger-prone areas in the bar
  • Install safety bars for visitors with special needs


Another kind of bar accident that you can claim for personal injury compensation is the harm caused by their staff like bouncers and waiters. In a bar, there is a high chance that people could become more susceptible to violence if they are under the influence of liquor. Being harmed because of an assault inside the bar is basically categorized as a criminal offense. Just be sure that you are not to blame for your own injury.