The High Court has awarded compensation of €150,000 to a young girl who suffered injury from a Rottweiler dog  that escaped from its home and attacked her.

On December 26th, 2011, Lauren Kelly of Abbeylara, County Longford was playing outdoors with her family when she was viciously attacked by the animal after it escaped from its home.

Before her family could successfully pull her away from the dog, Lauren sustained numerous teeth and claw injuries to her upper right arm. She was immediately brought to hospital for treatment of these injuries. The girl also had to endure a skin graft operation due to the damages. As a consequence of this, she suffered significant scarring to her arm.

On behalf of his daughter, Michael Kelly made a claim for compensation, asserting that the dog’s owner displayed negligence in allowing the animal to escape and roam the streets where children were likely to be playing. The Rottweiler’s owner, William Crawford, conceded that he was liable for the injury. Compensation was negotiated outside of court.

The claim was heard before Mr Justice Kevin Cross in the High Court in Dublin in order for such a settlement to be approved. While in court, the judge heard how Lauren still suffered nightmares as a result of the incident, and has to wear arm protection while swimming to prevent infection to the affected area.

The settlement of €150,000 was approved as compensation for the dog bite injury. Until Lauren is eighteen years of age, the money shall be held in an interest-bearing account, unless it needs to be accessed by Lauren’s parents to pay for further medical attention as a result of the attack.