Compensation Awarded to Girl for Cut Knee Sports Injury

A Circuit Civil Court judge has awarded a settlement for compensation to a girl who suffered a cut knee as a result of a sporting accident.

In June 2012 Rhian Holohan (17) of Kentstown, County Meath, was playing football for Kinston Rovers FC at Ayrfield United FC pitch when she dived on the grass. Her knee caught on a piece of broken glass, cutting it open. She received immediate first aid for her injuries, and was subsequently transported to Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital for further treated for the cut. Her wound was cleaned and she received stitches under anaesthetic.

Rhian was forced to use crutches for several weeks after the incident due to the severe laceration. Her knee was swollen, causing her considerable pain. She was prevented from returning to football for several months following the incident. She has a scar 1.5 cm in length on her knee as a result from the deep cut.

On behalf of her daughter, Anita Holohan made a cut knee sports injury claim for compensation against the Trustees of Dublin Women’s Soccer League, the Trustees of Ayrfield United FC and Dublin City Council for negligence that caused her daughter’s injury.

The defendants accepted liability for the claim. Initial compensation of €22,000 was negotiated between the parties. However, since Rhian is a minor, the settlement went to the Circuit Civil Court to be approved. Mr Justice Raymond Groarke heard the case and rejected the settlement, claiming that it was not enough for the level of injury sustained by Rhian. He requested that both parties reconsider the settlement.

As a result of further talks, the compensation was increased to €30,000 for Rhian’s cut knee sports injury. Mr Justice Raymond Groarke approved this offer of settlement on Rhian’s behalf.