Teenager Awarded Compensation for Childhood Holiday Accident

Dublin’s High Court have approved a six-figure settlement for a teenage girl who hurt her leg on a nail when holidaying with her family.

The accident occurred when Shauna Burke, aged just ten, was on holiday with her family at the Slattery Caravan Park in Co. Clare in August 2009. As she was playing with her friends, Shauna cut open her leg on a nail that was projecting from a pole.

The nail caused a deep laceration just above Shauna’s knee which – despite medical attention – has left a large, visible scar. Acting on his daughter’s behalf, John Burke made a claim for personal injury compensation against Austin Francis Slattery, the owners of the caravan park.

In the claim, it was alleged that Slattery was aware of the hazard the nail posed as it was on a pole in an area that was popular with residents of the park. However, Slattery denied that he was liable for Shauna’s injury, though still made an offer of €106,000 to compensate for Shauna’s injury and costs of medical care.

However, this settlement offer could not be immediately accepted as it was made on behalf of a minor. As such, the case proceeded to the High Court in Dublin, where it was overseen by Mr Justice Anthony Barr.
During the hearing, Shauna’s legal team detailed the nature of the accident and subsequent injuries on Shauna’s health and wellbeing. Judge Barr – after inspecting the scar on Shauna’s leg – approved the settlement, which will be held in court fund until Shauna is eighteen.