The circuit civil court awarded compensation of €15,565 to the burn injury victim, a refuse worker, who suffered the injury to his left eye.

The accident occurred in July 2011. Kamil Kozlowski (30), employed by Panda Waste Services Ltd, was emptying bins in Sandyford Road when a hydraulic cable on the back of the rubbish truck burst. Hot oil was sprayed from the burst cable, burning his eye in the process. The emergency services were quickly contacted and he was rushed to the Royal Victoria Eye and Ear Hospital after receiving first aid on the scene. His eyes were rinsed, and a course of eye drops was prescribed.

Despite these measures, the victim suffered continued pain in his left eye after the incident. He also experienced issues with his vision. He decided to seek legal advice, and then sought to make a claim for the injury against his employers.

Although Panda Waste Services Ltd admitted that they were liable for the accident, no agreement could be reached over the amount of compensation the victim was entitled to receive outside of court.  As a result, the case was heard by Judge Alison Lindsay and the Circuit Civil Court in Dublin.

The case was heard in court and, as a result, Judge Lindsay decided that Kamil was entitled to compensation of €15,565 for the injury that he suffered.

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