A young girl has been awarded €10,000 in compensation for an injury sustained to her finger in an incident occurring in a shop in March, 2011.

Naoise Walsh, aged six at the time of the incident, severely lacerated her finger when attempting to remove a drink carton from a refrigerator unit in Debenhams’ café in Henry Street, Dublin. Her finger was caught by the metal grill of the shelf inside the fridge, severely cutting it and causing heavy bleeding.

The emergency services were notified and Naoise was brought by ambulance to Temple Street Children’s Hospital. Her mother accompanied her on the journey. The wound was attended to on site, but required Naoise to revisit the hospital the following day for further checks to the area. Upon further examination, during which Naoise was under general anaesthetic, no extensive damage to the young girl’s tendons could be found. The wound was stitched and dressed before releasing Naoise from hospital later that day.

On behalf of her daughter, Amy Walsh from Bluebell, Dublin, sought legal advice and made a claim for the cut finger injury sustained by her child against Debenhams store. The defendant admitted liability for the incident, and offered a sum of €10,000 in compensation to the girl.

In order for the compensation to be agreed upon, the case was heard by the Circuit Civil Court in Dublin. Court President Mr Justice Raymond Groarke heard the case, and approved the settlement for Naoise of the aforementioned amount. It is a requirement for cases involving compensation for children that such a hearing take place.


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