Armagh Farmer Fined for Work Injury

A dairy farmer from County Armagh has received a fine from the magistrates’ court for safety breaches that lead to the injury of an employee.

The accident occurred in June 2015 when an worker on a dairy farm – who has remained anonymous throughout proceedings – was assisting in the construction of a fence. However, as he was working his leg was impaled on a prong of a rake that had fallen.

An investigation ensued into the circumstances of the accident, which happened on land owned by David Murphy of Killylea in Co. Armagh. The investigation found that there had been a breach of Article 4 of the Health and Safety at Work Order (NI) 1978. Murphy was then prosecuted by HSENI inspectors.

A hearing was conducted at the Armagh Magistrates’ Court, where Murphy admitted his guilt for the charges. He was then fined £1,000 for his negligence resulting in the injury of an employee.

Kevin Campbell, a HSNEI Inspector with the Major Investigation Team, commented after the hearing that ““Farmers must ensure that proper systems are in place to prevent employees being injured. In addition, the correct equipment must be used and be maintained in good working order. Any misuse of equipment, or the wrong choice of machinery has the potential for things to go wrong, resulting in serious injury, as was the case in this totally preventable accident.”

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