HSE Complaints Rise by a Quarter

HSE complaints have risen by more than a quarter in the past year according to figures published by the Health Service Executive (HSE).

6,613 complaints in total were registered during 2012 by the HSE, of which 3,049 dealt with the treatment patients received during the year – a rise of 27 percent over the 2,388 received in 2011 in the same category.

The total number of complaints about the HSE included 805 about unnecessary delays in treatment and time on waiting lists for medical attention, and more than 600 were made in connection with the attitude of hospital staff and their reluctance to communicate with patients.

Further increases were recorded in the number of complaints about clinical judgement (up almost 37 percent) while others were made in connection with  to nursing homes, infection control, cancellation of appointments and hospital beds, rooms and food.

Possibly due to the major increase in the number of complaints about patients´ treatment, only a total of 69 percent of the number of complaints was dealt with within the thirty day limit promised by the HSE, and the highest number of complaints (2,089) originated from the HSE South region.

Note about HSE Complaints

Not all HSE complaints in Ireland develop into compensation claims, but the procedure has to be completed within 12 months of receiving sub-standard care if you wish to claim health service complaints compensation for a loss, an injury or the avoidable deterioration of an existing condition or illness due to the negligence of a medical practitioner.

The specific nature of your injury – and whether you were a public or private patient when you were in receipt of it – will determine how and where the complaint should be made and, to avoid possible contradictions when you later make a claim for compensation, you complaint should always be made after seeking legal advice from an experienced negligence solicitor.

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