Keeping Your Stairs Safe

Most accidents happen at home. This may sound like a cliché but it is true that a lot of accidents happen right at the comfort of your home where you feel that you are at your safest. This is why it is important to take precautions in order to make your home accident free. One of the most common places where accidents often occur is the stairs. In fact, the stairs can be considered as one of the most dangerous places in your home. Injuries that result from falls from the stairs are most likely to be serious and in some cases fatal. For this reason, it is a must to take steps in order to secure your stairs and prevent accidents from happening.

One of the best ways to prevent accidents in stairs is to keep it in tiptop shape. Regularly inspect your stairs for any lose boards or wood. Check for cracks or anything that may weaken the structure. Conduct minor repairs as needed or if the problem is more widespread affecting various parts of the stairs then it is best to contact a handyman to do the repairs for you.

Another way to keep your stairs safe is to place a rug or a mat on every step to prevent it from becoming slippery. Rubber mats are ideal since they are not slippery and can provide traction. In addition, make sure that the steps are constructed as evenly as possible. Some accidents happen because the steps are uneven and some are too far from the other. This could cause a person to miscalculate his steps and fall. If there are toddlers in your home, a good baby rail should be installed on the stairs to prevent the kids from going down the stairs on their own.

The handrails are also a big factor in keeping your stairs safe. Having two handrails than just one is ideal in order to provide ample support as a person climbs up and down the stairs. Furthermore, make sure that the handrails re not to wide to grip and not slippery.

Keeping you stairs free from debris, clutter and liquid spills is also a surefire way to keep it safe. If something was spilled on the stairs make sure to wipe it off completely and get rid of any wet spot. Furthermore, teach your kids to keep their toys away from the stairs as well as other things that may distract your steps. Avoid running on the stairs as much as possible.

If there are older people in the house, a stairs lift will be a good addition to your stairs. Older people may have a lot of difficulties going up and down the stairs. Their legs and knees are now weaker and they might not be able to see the steps well. A large number of individuals who fall from stairs are those from the older groups so putting a stair lift will eliminate the need from them to walk on the stairs. This will prevent them from getting injured due to falls.

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