Out-of-Court Negotiations Settle Head-On Crash Claim as a Result of Union Involvement

An undisclosed amount of compensation has been settled upon for head-on crash injury as a result of out-of-court negotiations after involvement with the victim’s union.

Nick Brancher (37) was driving along the A38 after dropping his daughter off at school in April 2013. Suddenly, a vehicle that had been driving towards him swerved into the westbound carriageway, resulting in a head on collision between the two cars.

Nick was transported by ambulance to hospital to have his injuries attended to. He had sustained a fracture to his left elbow and several soft tissue injuries. Nick received appropriate treatment for these injuries. Over the next several weeks, more soft tissue injuries manifested themselves on his neck, back and rib area.

Nick was fortunate to be able to return to work as a maintenance team leader a merely days after the incident occurred, although his injuries prevented him from indulging in his hobbies such as kayaking, cycling and Ju Jitsu. His work was limited, however; he had to keep flexible hours, and could only perform very light tasks for several months.

Nick consulted with his Unite union representative-Rob Miguel- and  made a claim for head-on collision injury compensation against the driver who had lost control of his vehicle and caused the crash. The other driver’s insurer admitted negligence, and accepted fault for the accident. Following negotiations, a suitable amount of compensation was agreed upon outside of court.

Nick later said; “The other driver had lost control and hit two other cars before we collided head-on, it all happened so fast. I‘m just very grateful my daughter wasn’t in the vehicle with me”.

The Unite union representative further stated: “Our member sustained a series of injuries because a driver wasn’t concentrating. The level of injuries could have been far worse, but nevertheless the accident was still a serious one and went on to affect our member’s life for months after the crash”.

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