Pallet Truck Accident Compensation Claim

I had an accident at work and was injured but since there were no witnesses I am not sure if I can make a pallet truck accident compensation claim. What can I do?

Individuals who make a pallet truck accident compensation claim often must do so without witness support as workers in warehouses are frequently required to perform their duties without supervision and to move stock on their own. While this may increase the complexity of pursuing a compensation claim for a pallet truck accident, it does not mean that you would automatically be disqualified from doing so. While it does certainly work to the plaintiff’s advantage if there are witnesses to an accident involving a pallet truck, it is not a requirement for making a compensation claim.

That said, the one major criteria required to make a pallet truck accident compensation claim is that it can be proven that you were not to blame for the pallet truck accident and that your employer was primarily the one at fault. It must be demonstrated that your employer failed in their duty of care and acted negligently in order to claim compensation for your pallet truck accident.

The main causes for injuries sustained in a pallet truck accident are due to a lack of training. While an employer has a legal responsibility to supply a pallet truck to assist with the manual handling tasks in a warehouse, he or she must also provide training on the correct way to use pallet trucks in order to avoid such accidents in warehouses.

Therefore, a pallet truck accident compensation claim can be made for any injuries sustained as a direct result of inadequate training being provided. For example, if your employer instructed you to move a heavy pallet which should really have been a task for more than one staff member, and you sustained an injury in the process, this could demonstrate negligence and could be grounds for a compensation claim for a pallet truck accident.

An essential procedure to carry out in any pallet truck accident compensation claim would be to have your accident recorded in your employer’s Accident Report Book, but when there are no witnesses this step becomes even more important. Included in this report should be the circumstances of the accident and how your injury was sustained. Another vital procedure to take is to seek medical attention from a professional medical practitioner immediately after the accident occurs.

The assistance of an experienced personal injury solicitor is invaluable when there are no witnesses in your pallet truck accident compensation claim. Without witnesses to support your claim and help confirm the circumstances under which your accident occurred, additional evidence must be compiled. In this regard, a personal injury solicitor is invaluable. After hearing your account of the accident in which your injury was sustained, your solicitor will be able to advise you on the evidence needed. Your solicitor will also be in a good position to contact other members of staff to assist in establishing your employer’s negligence.