Road Traffic Accident Compensation

Almost thirty thousand road traffic accidents are reported to An Garda Síochána each year – thankfully not all resulting in casualties, but still highlighting the volume of danger that there is on our roads. In proportion to the growing number of vehicles there are within Ireland, it is testament to improvements in road safety that there are not more road traffic accidents – but this will be of little comfort to those who have suffered an injury in one. If you have been hurt in one of these road traffic accidents, and there is reason to believe that somebody else was at least partly responsible for your injuries, you should be entitled to claim for compensation.

Road traffic accidents may be no more than a small bump and a little bruising. However they are frequently more serious than that, with many victims of road traffic accidents suffering broken bones or whiplash, and the most severe injuries being fatal. In any road traffic accident, you primarily concern should be for your health and that of other people involved in the accident.

The Gardai will only attend major road traffic accidents – preferring to leave minor incidents to the respective drivers to sort out – but where there has been an injury of any sort, an ambulance should be summoned. Even if you feel that there is nothing wrong with you, it is recommended that you have a check-up and precautionary x-ray at the first possible opportunity, as some injuries sustained in road traffic accidents may not manifest immediately and go on to create health issues later in life.

Compensation for Road Traffic Accidents

Once your health has been assured, you should report the accident to the Gardai if they did not attend the scene. Ideally you would have acquired the other driver´s telephone number, insurance details and made an independent record of his vehicle registration. This information, together with your medical records forms the basis for compensation claims for road traffic accidents.

One area to be wary of with road traffic accidents is the eagerness of some insurance companies to try to make an early settlement in respect of their client´s liability. Even those immediate sums of money are tempting to accept, these compensation amounts are frequently inappropriate for injuries sustained in road traffic accidents.

If you are in any doubt about which procedures follow road traffic accidents, or have already been approached by an insurance company and wish to check that the amounts being offered correspond to what you should receive, you may like to take advantage of our free advice telephone service.

This is a free service to all victims of road traffic accidents, offering helpful and accurate advice about all manner of road traffic accidents, from car collisions to cyclists to pedestrians. You can use this service if you have your finger in a bandage or your leg in traction – where the accident was not entirely your fault, you should be entitled to claim for compensation.

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What You Can Expect?

Road traffic accidents are traumatic events – both physically and psychologically – and many people find it emotionally straining to pick up the telephone and speak with a solicitor about their experiences. We appreciate this, and can assure you that we will only ask you to tell what happened just as if you were explaining it to a friend.

Our solicitor will assess as quickly as possible whether they feel there is a case which is worth your while to pursue and give you there opinion on the likelihood of your success. They will also offer advice on the options available to you – which you are under no obligation to action – but may include areas of your compensation claim that you may not had considered.

If you do choose to go ahead with a claim for compensation, our solicitor is familiar with preparing cases for road traffic accidents, and will be able to guide you through all the procedures involved. One thing you should not have to worry about is legal expenses – these are usually borne by the negligent party´s insurance company.

Whatever your circumstances and however you got hurt, our advice is free to everyone. Simply call the FreePhone telephone number and you will be immediately connected with a solicitor.

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