Roundabout Accident Compensation

I have been offered a roundabout accident compensation settlement by the other driver involved in the accident. It seems rather low, but should I accept it?

The offer of roundabout accident compensation that you have received is positive in the way that it proves that liability for the accident and your subsequent injury has been accepted. Your case, therefore, is likely to be strong and with the assistance of an experienced personal injury solicitor, you are in a good position to negotiate a fair and sufficient settlement that adequately represents the extent of your injuries and the effect they had had on your life.

Unsolicited offers of roundabout accident compensation made by the negligent party’s insurance company are low for a reason; it is in the insurers’ best interests to save costs in legal expenses and a possibly more significant settlement for your compensation claim for a roundabout accident. You should be aware that in most cases, such early offers of settlement fall short of what you may actually qualify for if you were to pursue your claim through legal means.

Before accepting any offer of roundabout accident compensation, you should have a clear sense of the effect your injuries have had on your life. Along with your pain and suffering, you should acknowledge your medical expenses, loss of income and the impact the injuries have had on your quality of life. Frequently, not long after an accident, the implications of an injury may not be fully recognised and it is important that you consider this fact before accepting a settlement of compensation for a roundabout accident that may not fully reflect your actual requirements.

You would be well advised to discuss all matters relating to the accident, your medical prognosis and the offer of roundabout accident compensation that you have received with a personal injury solicitor who is experienced with many types of accidents and injuries will be able to evaluate the offer and determine whether the amount offered is sufficient and fair. If it is not, you may wish to initiate a compensation claim for your roundabout accident with the assistance of your solicitor. Since liability has already been accepted, you are unlikely to face a protracted legal battle.