Security Guard Injury Compensation

Because I slipped on a grape and injured my coccyx while chasing a shoplifter in a supermarket, I believe that I can make a security guard injury compensation claim. Am I right?

Even though you feel that you have viable claim for security guard injury compensation, you should be aware that making this type of compensation claim may be difficult as the nature of your job requires for certain risks to be taken; you may only pursue such a claim if an employer or third party has caused your injury due to negligence. It should be possible to claim compensation against the supermarket if the injury you sustained could have been avoided if the hazard had been removed.

A supermarket manager has a duty of care to ensure that the supermarket is safe for both staff and customers, and must be vigilant in making sure the aisles are regularly monitored for any possible slip or trip hazards. However, this duty of care is not “absolute”, meaning that if the aisle had been recently cleaned or inspected and the grape could not have been removed in a “reasonable” period of time before you slipped on it, liability could be denied with an argument put forward that the supermarket manager had indeed fulfilled his or her responsibilities in a satisfactory manner.

In order to make a successful claim for security guard injury compensation, it is vital that your case is thoroughly assessed to establish whether you indeed qualify to pursue the claim. All circumstances surrounding the accident need to be taken into account and any possible complications acknowledged. It would be in your best interests, therefore, to engage a personal injury solicitor who could assist in the preliminary procedures required to commence a claim for compensation. By hiring a solicitor, you increase the opportunity of receiving your full entitlement to compensation for a security guard injury.

Should the supermarket admit liability there is a possibility that you may be approached with an early offer of security guard injury compensation by the supermarket’s insurers that may not adequately reflect the extent of your injury or the effect that they it has had on your quality of life. It should be noted that while unsolicited offers of compensation may be tempting to accept, especially when bills need to be paid, a plaintiff represented by a personal injury solicitor will generally receive a higher amount of compensation, as all aspects of their claim will be accounted for, including the reimbursement of relevant financial expenses.