Shop Assistant Injury Compensation

What does claiming shop assistant injury compensation entail? I strained a muscle in my back when stacking shelves at work that has prevented me from working or socialising.

You should be able to claim shop assistant injury compensation provided that your injury was sustained during the course of your employment, was examined by a professional medical practitioner and is proven to be due to the negligence of your employer. It is recommended that you engage a solicitor immediately, who – after establishing the viability of your claim – can investigate it by discussing the circumstances of your injury, the training you were given and whether you were provided with any relevant assistance.

If it is confirmed that your employer breached his or her duty of care to provide you with a safe working environment and that negligence was the cause of your back injury being sustained, your solicitor will prepare and submit an all-encompassing compensation claim for your injury to the Injury Board Ireland. It is vital that a solicitor be involved from this stage as any omission or error in the application form to the Injuries Board could result in your pain and “loss of amenity” being underrepresented.

Your solicitor will send a “letter of claim” to your employer to inform him or her that a shop assistant compensation claim has been made against him or her and inviting your employer to propose an offer of settlement. Your solicitor will have a good idea of how much compensation you should be entitled to from your discussions about the severity of your injury, any long-term health issues you may experience as a result and the impact your injury has had on your quality of life.

You will be issued with an “Authorisation” from the Injuries Board Ireland to pursue your shop assistant injury compensation claim in court if your employer denies liability, fails to offer a satisfactory settlement or if the Injuries Board itself fails to sufficiently incorporate the implications of your injury. Your employer´s insurers may review whether they wish to now accept liability for your injuries or increase their offer of shop assistant injury compensation in an effort to reduce their financial liabilities as much as possible.

It would be in your best interests to consult with a solicitor at the first moment possible, after your injury has been treated medically, as the opportunity of receiving a fair and adequate compensation settlement increases greatly when a legal professional is aware of all of the facts from the start and has the professional training required to negotiate with the negligent party’s legal representatives.