Tesco Accident Injury Compensation

I wish to claim Tesco accident injury compensation, although I have been warned of the possibility of contributory negligence – what does this mean?

Claiming Tesco accident injury compensation is possible provided that a third party is liable for your injury – however if contributory negligence is a factor this may affect your entitlement to make a claim. Tesco must perform a duty of care towards you and all of their customers, who should not expect to sustain an injury in Tesco while on the premises. If you have been the victim of an avoidable accident in Tesco for which you are not primarily to blame, you may be entitled to claim compensation. However a claim for a Tesco accident can be more difficult if contributory negligence is a factor in your accident or injury and for this reason a personal injury solicitor should be consulted before pursuing a claim.

Your Tesco accident injury compensation can be difficult to pursue if it is determined that you caused your own accident – at least partially – through your own negligence. This could be the scenario if – for instance – you had slipped upon a floor as it was being cleaned, resulting in an injury in Tesco. If the area being cleaned was clearly marked with a warning sign alerting customers to the hazard which existed, pursuing compensation may not be feasible if the supermarket took all measures required to avoid an accident in Tesco occurring. In this scenario you may not be able to make a claim for a Tesco accident if it is determined that you caused the accident because of your own carelessness and contributory negligence is a factor.

Contributory negligence may also be an issue in your Tesco accident injury compensation if you neglected to seek immediate medical attention for your injuries. Before making a claim for a Tesco accident, your priority should always be to have your injuries treated by a medical professional to ensure that they do not deteriorate further. If an ambulance was not summoned to the scene of your accident in Tesco, it is important to visit the accident or emergency department of the nearest hospital or book an immediate appointment with your family GP at the earliest opportunity. If you failed to acquire medical attention you may be considered to have contributed to the extent of your injury in Tesco through your own lack of care towards your health and safety.

If you are not completely liable for your accident in Tesco, you may still be entitled to claim some compensation for your injuries – however the amount of compensation you may be able to claim can be reduced by a percentage to reflect your carelessness. For example – if you are 30% liable for your injury in Tesco, you may only be entitled to 70% compensation due to your contributory negligence. If you share a significant proportion of liability for your injury, a claim for a Tesco accident may no longer be worth your while to pursue. For this reason you are strongly advised to consult a personal injury solicitor at the earliest opportunity following your accident and injury, who can perform a full assessment of your Tesco accident injury compensation.