Thumb and Finger Injury Compensation Claim

Claims for thumb and finger injury compensation can originate from many sources. You could sustain a thumb or finger injury in a vehicle collision, in an accident at work or – more frequently than you may imagine – from a slip, trip or fall onto a hard surface. The reason that slips, trips and falls account for so many thumb and finger injury compensation claims is that when you fall, you automatically place a hand out in front of you to cushion the impact, and can easily tear a ligament or dislocate a finger as you land.

As with all injuries, your first concern should be to seek medical assistance when you have sustained a thumb or finger injury. A torn ligament may just feel a little tender to touch but, if it fails to heal correctly, could deteriorate into much a more serious condition where you may lose the sensation of touch or the power to grip. Once you have received treatment for your injuries, if your accident was due to somebody else´s lack of care, you should speak with a solicitor about making a thumb and finger injury compensation claim.

Making a Thumb and Finger Injury Compensation Claim

Thumb and finger injury claims for compensation are made to the Injuries Board Ireland on their application form which can be completed online (except in the case of minors) or you can request a paper copy to be sent to you. The actual facts of how you sustained your thumb or finger injury may be quite easy to record and substantiate with medical records and paperwork documenting your accident. However, it is the area of the application form which relates to special damages which needs careful attention if you are having to pay for ongoing medical treatment or are missing time from work because of your injury.

A solicitor is the best person to check your application form, or he can complete it on your behalf if you are unable to use a keyboard or write due to your injury. He will also ensure that all the thumb and finger injury compensation you are entitled to is claimed for. He will represent you in court should the Injuries Board Ireland decline to assess your case due to denial of liability or should they issue an assessment of your thumb and finger injury claim that is inappropriate to your injuries.

Free Thumb and Finger Injury Claim Advice

If you have injured your thumb or finger in an accident for which you were not to blame, and would like to know more about your entitlement to thumb and finger injury compensation, you are invited to contact our free advice service. Our service will enable you to speak with an experienced personal injury claims solicitor and discuss not only how much thumb and finger injury compensation you may receive for your injury, but also what special damages you may be entitled to claim.

Our service is completely confidential and is an excellent opportunity for people who have injured themselves at work to enquire about making a thumb and finger injury compensation claim and avoid the potential of an awkward workplace confrontation. Our lines are open from 8.00am to 10.00pm – seven days a week – and we also operate a free call-back service for your convenience if now is not a convenient time to speak with us.

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What You Can Expect When You Call

With twenty years of experience behind us, we understand the pain that a thumb or finger injury can generate and the problems of immobility when the injury has been dressed. You may be experiencing a full range of negative emotions when you call our free advice service, and we acknowledge that you may also feel apprehensive about speaking with a solicitor.

Therefore, the first thing we will do is to put your mind at ease and explain the format of our conversation. What we really like you to do first is explain how your accident happened, how you were injured and what treatment you have received. We also need to know who you feel should be liable for your thumb and finger injury compensation claim, and why.

It is also important that you tell us about the impact your thumb or finger injury has made to your quality of life. We will listen carefully as you explain how your injury has affected your ability to work, drive or care for family members, and then assess, wherever possible, that you have a claim for thumb and finger injury compensation which is worth your while to pursue.

You are under no obligation to make a thumb and finger injury compensation claim, and many of our clients have preferred to take a little time after calling our free claims advice service to discuss their options with family and friends. If these discussions should raise more questions, you are, of course, welcome to call our service again.

You should take our advice immediately about calling our free thumb and finger injury claim advice service and speak with one of our experienced solicitors because the Statute of Limitations only allows a time period of two years from the date your accident occurred in which to make a thumb and finger injury compensation claim. Although that may seem like a long time, if there are any disputes over liability or special medical reports are required, two years can pass very quickly.

Therefore, we look forward to hearing from you or via our call-back service at your earliest possible opportunity.